The addition of a new child to your family through adoption is one of the most blessed events imaginable.  It can also be one of the most stressful if not handled by an experienced adoption attorney such as the attorneys at Goddard and Hammontree LLC.  The adoption process involves a significant amount of paperwork, a home study, a criminal background check, several meetings, and a number of other legalities.  The attorneys at Goddard and Hammontree LLC will walk you through the legal process, and can take the necessary steps to make sure your adoption is completed and protected in an ironclad manner.  The attorneys at Goddard and Hammontree LLC desire to relieve your stress on the legal side of an adoption so that you can spend more quality time with your family’s new addition.

Georgia Adoption Process

The adoption process in Georgia can seem daunting.  Not only must the appropriate paperwork be presented to the Court, but you will also undergo an interview and home visits from state approved officials so as to ensure that children are placed in a safe, loving home.  Typically, the adoption process takes approximately 60 to 90 days.  Your attorney can help you understand the process, and what you need to do to help move matters along.

Generally speaking, after the adoption petition is filed, your attorney will assist you in obtaining a proper home evaluation, and in following the correct process in order to complete a criminal background check.  Once those elements have been completed, your attorney will make sure the proper paperwork has been filed and will prepare the necessary documents to obtain the final court order granting your adoption and the obtaining of a new birth certificate. There is no denying the adoption process is stressful, but your dedicated adoption attorney will make sure you are prepared for the proper completion of the process.

Georgia Adoption Attorneys

When you want to adopt a child in the state of Georgia, Goddard and Hammontree LLC can help. Based out of Dalton, the firm represents prospective parents throughout the state in either domestic or international adoptions, including adoptions across state lines. With ample experience, Goddard and Hammontree LLC aims to make the adoption process as smooth and easy as possible by ensuring all legal paperwork is filled out and filed properly the first time, all supplemental paperwork is included with the petition, and that you understand what is expected of you at your adoption hearing.

If you seek to adopt a child in Georgia, Goddard and Hammontree LLC can see you through the legal aspects of the adoption process, make sure every line on every form is properly completed, and represent you at your adoption hearing. The less you worry about the process, the more you get to concentrate on what’s really important.

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