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Auto Accident Attorneys for Calhoun, GA

When you have been injured in an auto accident, the immediate costs are clear. You’ll likely have car repairs and hospital bills, as well as lost wages from having to miss work during your period of recovery. The immediate expenses of an auto or truck accident are not the only expenses you are likely to incur, though. A severe injury may keep you from returning to your job at all, and limit the work you can take in the future. If someone dies in an auto accident, not only will his or her family suffer the emotional devastation, but they will be out whatever income the individual brought into the home, which can make the financial impact difficult to overcome. While seeking compensation cannot undo the damage done from an auto accident, it can help with the financial impact.

Long-Term Costs of an Auto Accident

A proper settlement for an auto and truck accident takes into consideration all expenses and lost income, including future medical bills and impact on employment. By ensuring your settlement not only covers the immediate expenses, but also the cost of future medial care and lost wages, you won’t have to worry about recouping financially following an accident. When you are not responsible for an accident, you should not suffer the financial consequences. Seek to get adequate compensation from the responsible party.

Georgia Auto and Trucking Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need an attorney with a proven track record in getting injured clients the compensation they need. Based out of Dalton, Goddard and Hammontree LLC is an auto and truck accident law firm serving clients throughout the state of Georgia. The firm offers free consultations, and works on contingency, so they get paid only if you get paid.

Whether you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence on the road, you deserve compensation. Let the skilled attorneys of Goddard and Hammontree LLC help. Stop worrying about money and start focusing on your health and future.


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