Medical Malpractice

Negligence within the medical industry is responsible for the suffering of numerous patients. Those who live through medical negligence may face years or even decades of physical and emotional suffering. What’s more, the long-term financial expenses associated with these incidents can be devastating. Those currently suffering as a result of medical malpractice are advised to seek legal counsel from Goddard and Hammontree LLC, Attorneys at Law. The respected law firm’s attorneys assist clients throughout Georgia and Tennessee. They work tirelessly to ensure that all victims of medical malpractice receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice incidents typically fall under one of a few main categories. These include misdiagnosis, improper prescription or administering of medications, surgical errors, and anesthesia-related negligence. Of these types of malpractice, misdiagnosis is by far the most common. Frequently misdiagnosed medical issues include infections, heart disease, cancerous tumors, and pulmonary embolism. These and other types of misdiagnosis can be fatal, as the treatments associated with the incorrectly diagnosed condition could make already troublesome symptoms even worse.

Medication errors are also shockingly common in the healthcare sector. Depending on the circumstances, the wrong medication or the wrong amount of the correct medication may be prescribed. Additionally, healthcare professionals may administer medications incorrectly, or pharmacists may give out the wrong medication.

Determining Whether a Medical Malpractice Case is Viable

If you believe that you or a loved one has been the victim of one of the aforementioned types of medical malpractice, you may be eligible for damages. It can be difficult to determine whether compensation is possible, as medical professionals are not always at fault. The key to determining eligibility for damages is discovering whether the appropriate standard of care was abided by at the time of the medical issue. The phrase “standard of care” refers to the various practices that are generally accepted within the healthcare industry. Standards of care can differ somewhat based on the specific circumstances surrounding a given patient.

Medical Malpractice at Goddard and Hammontree LLC, Attorneys at Law

The attorneys at Goddard and Hammontree LLC are passionate about helping their neighbors in Georgia and Tennessee. The law firm has a long history of success in medical malpractice, and, as such, is the ideal resource to turn to if you have suffered due to medical negligence.

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